Cloud of Cade Atlas



  1. a meditation on sex How shall a man act with women?
  2. A Joy Unfathomed, part 1  Missed connection within family life.
  3. she  A vision of beauty.
  4. Into the Heart of Loneliness  An exploration of solitude.
  5. A Belief in Romance:  A better way to talk about Consent


The Wound

“Le vent se lève !… Il faut tenter de vivre !”

The wind is rising!… We must try to live.

-Paul Valery

There is a wound intrinsic to being a person.  It seems to sit right about at the rib, where Christ was finally impaled.   There’s this spot in each of us which can’t seem to heal.  As long as it’s there we’ll scratch at it or lick it.  We’ll try to ignore it, say no it’s not there, I’m fine, I’m doing really well.  If prodded, we’ll recoil from the touch.

I thought for a while that I was different.  I didn’t have this wound that I was able to sense in others. Continue reading “The Wound”

A Belief in Romance: A better way to talk about Consent

I was introduced to a woman selling her book to help raise funds for Puerto Rico.  Her book was about consent, a topic that appeared very important to her.  She also gave holistic healing to sexual assault survivors.  In my brief encounter with her, we talked about consent.  She asked me if I was taught about sexual consent in school.  I replied that no, no school of mine has ever offered such a class.  She seemed to think that was wrong, that they should have courses dedicated to the topic.  I told her that I had nonetheless managed to learn the proper role of sexual consent, and that I did so from my family and from life in general. She was genuinely curious and asked how my family taught me consent, but we were interrupted and the question lay in the air unanswered.

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Worldly Plans

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it is exactly that I want from life.  What do kind of adventures do I want to partake in?  What stories do I want to be a part of.  What games should I play.  To what places should I go.  What should my days be like.  What should my home look like.  The level of minutia to which I could ask these questions could be exhaustive, and the number of possible questions is infinite, but certainly some deserve answering.  How shall I set myself up to live the kind of life that I would deem worth living?  We’ll leave it at that level.

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Into the Heart of Loneliness

We are dreaming. Weightless, caught inside imagistic flurry. Ungrounded in the absence of a sense of direction, or ground.   At waking hour we slip away from our dream state to again inhabit our being.  Not yet, we say, our eyes weighing down, urging us to go back to dreaming. And the dream returns. We sink back into comfortable oblivion. A seed of an image begins to unfold before us. No, wake up. Wake up. What for? Wake up! Wake up! Continue reading “Into the Heart of Loneliness”

The Graveyard by the Sea (part 1)

They said he was a lion. In life.  That he filled the room with certain peace underlain by a calm ferocity.  Stood proudly at the cliff’s edge and proclaimed the good for all to see.  And his eyes were blue.  He would often walk through the cobbled streets with a ginga sway in his walk.  His body taking lead from the wind, low slung, cool and quiet. He was kind to children who flew their kites above that immense green field. He used to dance often with the young women of the Old Town.  He was graceful with the elderly, and joked easily con la gente. But there was a hardness to his demeanor that did not fade easy. An intensity hidden beneath his carefree balança. Continue reading “The Graveyard by the Sea (part 1)”